Rick Lobb



Rick Lobb never wanted to get into real estate. He was going to be a drummer in a famous rock band. At the age of 24, in 1995, real estate didn’t appear to be an interesting or rewarding career, but his father Fred, Broker needed some help and Rick wanted to help his dad, so he worked at their independent brokerage for a year before getting his license to be able to better assist his father/partner. As real estate evolved, and as Rick continued to build his own business, while continuing to assist his father, he started to realize that he was actually extremely well suited for the business. He has a passion for connecting with and helping people, he loves the variety, the problem solving, and the excitement of going through the process of buying or selling with his clients.  In 2008 Rick and Fred expanded their partnership to include Broker Kathy Dawson. In 2010 Rick took over as Broker of Record for the company and became a co-owner and in 2015, Kathy, Rick and Broker Jeff Bauer decided to join together to create the Homefield Group – a team under Royal LePage Heartland Realty which, between 2017-2020, the Homefield Group were Chairman’s Club members – in the top 1% of Royal LePage’s realtors. He continues to strive to evolve and improve his business, and the passion for helping people continues to be his driving motivation.